I have a suggestion, who do I contact?

Use the Contact Us button in the About section of the app, we built this for you and would love your feedback.

How do I change the alert sequence I am using?

Click edit in the top right corner of an duty day calculator page and choose the sequence you would like. All times will automatically update.

My crew doesn’t all have iMessage, how should I message them?

That depends on what apps they have, Missions Tools works great with WhatsApp, GroupMe, Gmail, Facebook, and native apps such as Mail. Your alert sequence times can be shared with any app that accepts iOS actions. How-To Geek has a great article on how to customize your iOS Share Menu.

What does setting my home airport do?

Your home airport is the location a new mission will start from. You can change your home airport in the About section.

I don’t think my per diem rate is right?

We frequently update the per diem rates in our app, but the State Department and DoD can change them at any time. If you find an error please contact us immediately.